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Mississippi River Boat Ballet

 | Published on 4/27/2015

Momentum is building -
help us fill this river
with boats.

So far nearly 50 people have signed up for the Mississippi River Boat Ballet on July 31st!
We looking for more.

We have people signing up to be in kayaks, canoes, sailboats, rowers in racing shells - (singles, doubles, quads and eights!), as well as a couple of "one of a kind" boats.
We particularly want to start signing up some wind surfers and stand up paddle boarders to add to our mix.
Do you know any?

Of course, we still want more kayakers, canoeists and sailors, too.
So please, help us to spread the word. Sign up info is at

additional info is at

We plan to begin rehearsals around Memorial Day. Each boat type will have its own weekly rehearsal time. We will determine that time by surveying people who have signed up, by boat type, to find the most convenient time(s) for each group.

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